onsdag, april 18

Den oplyste Religion II

Intet under, at muslimer må føle sig under angreb. Først bliver en dødbringende virus spredt gennem mobiltelefon-nettet i Pakistan og nu viser det sig, at Israel spreder AIDS blandt De Troende ved hjælp af inficerede meloner!

Ynetnews via Mark Steyn:
"Beware of Israeli melons infected with AIDS arriving in Saudi Arabia!" is the latest rumor being spread throughout Saudi Arabia like a wildfire.

An SMS message being sent around the country this week said, "The Saudi Interior Ministry warns its citizens of a truck loaded with AIDS infected melons that Israel brought into the country via a 'ground corridor.'"

This is not the first rumor to spread through the country recently. Just last month another rumor had it that sweets containing carcinogenic
[kræftfremkaldende, red.] flour were being sold in many stores.
Nok engang må de højeste myndigheder forsøge at berolige en panikslagen befolkning:
Head of the center for chemicals and toxins in Mecca, [sic!] Dr Ahmad Elias also stressed that there was no truth to these rumors.

"The center is the first official body that would receive such information, if it were true, in order to investigate and inform the relevant bodies to take the necessary steps," said Elias.

"The HIV virus cannot survive in any temperature other than that of the human body, which cannot be reached in fruits," he explained.
Det er vel overflødigt at nævne, at sådanne forsikringer ikke har gjort det ringeste indtryk på gode saudier:
The rumor, despite being denied several times, has gained so much steam in the Arab world that it made it to the front page of one of the most important Arabic language newspapers.

Many received an SMS supposedly from the Saudi Interior Ministry saying, "Please forward quickly."
I betragting af de enorme indtægter Saudi-Arabien henter på deres olieeksport, turde man så i al ydmyghed foreslå, at de brugte lidt af pengene på at uddanne deres befolkning?

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