mandag, april 14

Hvorfor bliver arabere terrorister?

Glem alt om diverse "forskeres" (bort)forklaringer på, hvorfor næsten alle terrorister er muslimer.

Nej, John Laws har den rigtige forklaring. Det skyldes alt det forbandede sand!
Man får den fulde fornøjelse ved samtidig at høre ham her.

"Ever wonder why Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists are so quick to volunteer on a mission to commit suicide, this document says.

Just take a closer look at their lifestyle, this document says.

No premarital sex, no booze, none, never.
Sand, f*****g sand everywhere.
No TV, no cable TV, no satellite TV, no Spice channel.
No Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
Sand, f*****g sand everywhere.
No organized sport of any kind. That's right no sports.
Women are to be completely covered and wear veils. No thongs, no Victoria's Secret.
Very, very few cars.
Camels, lots of camels. Stinking, filthy camels.
Sand, f*****g sand everywhere. Ever try to fish in an oasis?
Sandstorms, more f*****g sand everywhere.
Rags for clothes and hats.
Camel and goat burgers cooked out of burning camel tongue chips.
Toilet tissue's unknown.
Sand, f*****g sand everywhere.
No golf, just sand traps.
Constant wailing nextdoor. No, wait a minute, that's music.
Praying five times a day, for what? More of this life?
Oh, and did I mention the f*****g sand?
And when you die it's supposed to get better.
No wonder they volunteer for suicide missions."

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