søndag, november 30

Barnepige eller sund fornuft

Bill Whittle ovre på EjectEjectEject dunker barnepige-staten lige i solar plexus:

Look, there are two ways to prevent young children from drowning:

1.Place barricades, gates, locks, and other restraining devices around any body of water large enough to immerse the child’s head in; in addition, provide education, audio-visual instruction, role-playing and other methods to inform young children on the dangers of inhaling large amounts of water – whether it be fresh water or sea water – and to provide the funding, continuing outreach and community activism necessary to make sure that ALL Americans are prevented from encountering these deadly dangers wherever they may be found.


2.Teach your kid how to swim.

Vel talt, my man, vel talt!

Mr. Whittle har i øvrigt en fremragende blog med nogle tankevækkende essays. Skade kun, at han ikke poster noget mere. Lad mig især anbefale hans Tribes, skrevet i kølvandet på Katrina-orkanen.

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