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Terrorist bomber terrorist

Det her er nok det morsomste jeg længe har læst. Fra Tim Blair citeret i dens helhed, for jeg kan altså ikke gøre det bedre selv:

Life isn't fair

You try to be the best little civilisation-hater you can be, railing against Israel and the US, and you still get blown to pieces by insane Islamic suicide bombers:

KARACHI: At least five persons including MMA leader Allama Hassan Turrabi were killed and three others including slain Hassan Turrabi son received grievous injuries in a suicide attack and firing incidents here Friday ...

According to the police, Allama Turabi was on his way to his residence after attending a big anti-Israel rally organised by the MMA at Binori Town Mosque after Friday prayers to condemn the Israeli bombardment on Palestine and Lebanon. As soon as he reached near his residence, a suicide bomber, who was reportedly standing a few steps away from the gate of the residence, moved towards him.

The bomber—described as “wearing a black gown on blue jeans, which is commonly used by Shia ulema”—was subsequently arrested:

Authorities [have] taken the body parts of the suicide bomber into custody ...

How did Allama’s supporters react?

As soon as the doctors pronounced Allama Turabi dead, his followers and supporters started crying and chanting slogans against America, Israel and the government.


Turabi had strongly criticized Israel and expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah, according to local news reports.
Live by the suicide bomb, die by the suicide bomb.

Ak ja, det er sandelig ikke nemt at tilhøre "fredens religion".

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